Monthly SEO Audit

35.00 / month

  • Delivered directly to your inbox every month
  • No lengthy contracts, cancel anytime.
  • A clear and actionable list of fixes you can implement

Add custom branding for your company or white label this report.

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About the Monthly SEO Audit

SEO can be complicated. Knowing where to start and even how to improve your search engine performance can be difficult.

Our comprehensive Monthly SEO audit was designed to address this. We clearly outline and rank by importance every SEO issue on your website, why it’s important and how to fix the issue.

No lengthy contracts, cancel anytime

Delivered directly to your inbox every month

Issues ranked by importance

We explain why each issue is important to SEO

Instructions on how to fix each issue

White Label reports available - add your own or your clients branding.

What’s in the SEO Audit?

Technical SEO issues

Website structure issues

User experience issues

Website speed analysis

On-page SEO issues

Potential off-site problems

Content gaps and opportunities

How it works

01Give us the website details

Simply provide us with the website URL you want to be analysed – it can be your website or competitors.

02We audit your site

During the Audit process, we use a range tried and tested tools to comprehensively analyse your site. We will also show the improvements made versus your previous audits.

03Delivery of your report

Your report will be sent via email every month by your dedicated account manager who will answer any questions you might have.


How long does it take?

In most cases, you can expect your report no later than two business days.

Are the issues easy to fix?

Yes of course. You can cancel anytime. Our clients choose to stay with us due to our commitment to quality reporting so there is no need for us to impose lengthy contracts, or break clauses that others use.

Are the issues easy to fix?

It varies. Some fixes are relatively straight forward, others are quite complex and may require knowledge of HTML or programming. Each issue comes with a guide on how to fix it.

Can I increase the frequency of the reporting?

Yes. Simply increase the quantity ordered. 2 would be 2 reports in every month(usually 1st and 15th of every month), 3 would be 3 reports per month (1st, 11th, and 21st of each month), a quantity of 4 ordered would get you a report every week on a day of your choosing (4 free reports per year included).

Will I have an account manager?

Yes. All of our comprehensive SEO audit clients will have an account manager who you can reach out to should you have any questions.

Can you fix the issues for me?

Yes of course. You can hire one of our experts to implement all or some of the issues outlined in your audit.

How is this different to the Comprehensive SEO Audit?

It isn’t! It’s the same comprehensive SEO report but discounted it for our loyal clients.

Additional information

Report Frequency

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually


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